Solo Album Released


Another late update from me!

My latest solo album was released on October 31st 2019. It is a CDR release on the fabulous Chocolate Monk label. The Point Of The Equator is limited to 60 copies only and is sold out at source. I have a few copies in stock so please contact me if you would like to order one.

Digital version available from my bandcamp page.


Alan Courtis/Aaron Moore Duo Cassette Release

Ah, I forgot to update the site with this.

June 2019 saw the release of Courtis/Moore’s new cassette album ‘2283’ on Gertrude Tapes. Recorded in Moore’s apartment in Brooklyn in 2016.


The cassette is limited to 100 copies and is available from the link above or directly from me.

Aaron Moore/Erik K Skodvin Euro Tour January 2019 & tour cassette release.


I’ll be touring Europe in January 2019 with Erik K Skodvin. To coincide with this release we have produced a cassette or recordings from 2016 called Hovering Mink. It is released in an edition of 50 copies on Erik’s new tape label Rrose Sélavy.

Tour Dates:

January 2019

20th – W71, Weikersheim (DE)

21st – Walpodenakademie, Mainz (DE) – (w/ Wizards Of Oi)

22nd – Makroscope, Mülheim (DE)

23rd – AB Salon, Brussels (BE)

24th – Bar Mirwaar, Gent (BE)

25th – Instants Chavirés, Paris (FR)

26th – Grnd Zero, Lyon (FR)

27th – Cave 21, Geneva (CH)

28th – Le Bourg, Lausanne (CH)

29th – Klappfon, Basel (CH)

Links for concerts can be found here Tour


Aaron Moore/Erik K Skodvin collab LP released!


My duo album ‘Instead of rain i bring a hat’ with Erik K Skodvin has been released by Hands In The Dark Records  (HITD 040) on LP/digital. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and is selling fast! Grab a copy from me here: my discogs store

Digital available here: HITD bandcamp

Stream the album here: The Wire magazine


Volcano The Bear reissues!

Polish label Nefryt have issued VTB’s Yak Folk’s Y’are and Volfurten LP’s on CD for the first time! Both cd’s contain bonus tracks and are housed in large format booklet covers.

Available to purchase here:

Wizards Of Oi – Pop Oil View CDR released!


Another Wizards release by Chocolate Monk (choc 397). Recordings from 2016! Limited to 60 copies and sold out from the label. I have a few copies for sale here: my discogs store

Gospel Of Mars Debut LP Released!


Gospel Of Mars – Gospel Of Mars – Amish Records AMI049

My Brooklyn based project with Jefrey Brown (Sax/Guitar), Bob Jones (Double Bass) and me on drums has just been released on vinyl and digital by Brooklyn label Amish Records –

Here’s a taster –

And here’s a video –

Buy it here: my discogs store


Wizards Of Oi – Wot It Is Not – CDR released!


Wizards Of Oi – Wot It Is Not – CDR – Chocolate Monk chok.379

My project with Brandstifter has a compilation collection released by the fabulous UK DIY label Chocolate Monk. Available now! Limited to 60 copies. Get it here!! my discogs store




Wizards Of Oi – 09 25 09 – Cassette released!


Wizards Of Oi – 09 25 09 – Cassette – Flux On Demand 009

Ah! The WOI! Here’s a super limited (30 copies) cassette release of Brandstifter and I’s first session back in 2009. It’s plastic!

Available here – my discogs store

And here’s the Stifter’s site –

Volcano The Bear ‘Commencing’ Box Set Released!



After 2 years work Volcano The Bear’s 20th anniversary box set Commencing has been released on the Miasmah label.

Commencing consists of 5 LP’s of tracks that are unreleased, rare, live, alternate versions etc plus a 50 page book of writings, gig posters, photos and more.

Available for purchase here:

And here:

Also you can listen to a selection of tracks here:

And here: