The Invisible Sports LP ‘The Future Tastes’ is now available on Alt Vinyl records. The vinyl only release is limited to 300 copies and comes with an mp3 download card of the full album and an exclusive download only track.

Here’s a few tracks to stream:

The album is available from me directly or through alt vinyl:

You can also purchase the album as a download from:


Two recent studio collaborations.

Here’s a couple of recent studio collaborations i did.

1. With Shilpa Ray and Montgomery Knott streaming here:

2. With Carter Thornton recorded at Black Dirt Studios streaming here:


There’s a new Invisible Sports’ album called ‘OW POW HERO HOUR’ available now through Songs From Under The Floorboards/Intransive. It’s live and is limited to 100 copies on cdr.











Here’s a couple of tracks to stream:

Info can be found here:


Volcano The Bear are doing some Euro and UK dates to promote the release of their brand new album ‘Golden Rhythm/Ink Music’ on Rune Grammofon records.


20th – Allonnes, France @ Peniche Excelsior with The Chap

21st – Paris, France @ Instants Chavires with Cut Hands

22nd – Lyon, France @ Sonic with Les Marquises

23rd – Berlin, Germany @ Kater Holzig

24th – Malmo, Sweden @ Moriska Paviljongen

27th – Oslo, Norway @ Bla with Layers Of The Onion

29th – Albi, France @ GMEA

31st – Marseille, France @ GRIM with Xiu Xiu


6th – Glasgow @ Mono

9th – Manchester @ Castle Hotel with Hayden/Joinson/Jones Trio

10th – Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club with Temperatures

11th – London @ Vortex with Braindead Collective & Glockenspiel

12th – Coventry @ Taylor Johns House

13th – Leicester @ The Abattoir

I remixed Beyoncé!

Film Music

Some of my music from The Accidental album is used in this short film ‘Donation Only’ by Olly Newport.


Welcome to my site.Quick news update………

There’s a new Textile Trio album out now through Intransitive Recordings.
Get it here:

I also guested on a couple of recent releases:
Teatro Plagues – Homesludge – cassette. Available here:

Layers Of The Onion – Hal-An-Tow – CD. Available here:

I’m playing a concert with C Spencer Yeh in Philly on Jan 28th. Check the live section of the site for details.

There’ll be two new Invisible Sports albums out in the spring. ‘The Future Tastes’ LP on Alt.Vinyl and ‘Ow Pow Hero Hour’, a live CDR on Intransitive. Along with a new Volcano The Bear album on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon. VTB will be playing some UK and Euro dates to coincide with the release.

And on a non-musical note I’ve just contributed a piece of art to the LAFMS 2012 edition of their Lightbulb magazine. I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Thanks for reading