KPPB is the second postal collaboration album released by the duo of Alan Courtis (Reynols) and Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear). Their first postal collaboration album ‘Brokebox Juke’ was released in 2010 to high critical acclaim and led to two subsequent tours of the UK and France as well as the live CD release ‘Courtis/Moore’ (Earbook Recordings).

In the Autumn of 2013 Courtis contacted Moore to say he would be in Europe in March, 2014 and suggested they get some dates together for a tour. Moore suggested they make a new album to coincide with these dates. They promptly exchanged sounds and each set about creating one long piece each. Recorded at their respective homes in Buenos Aires and Brooklyn these two tracks, King Pancreas and Punk Butter have now been released on CD through Moore’s own Earbook Recordings label.

KPPB cover

KPPB is released in an edition of 200 CD’s and is housed in an eco-friendly card wallet.

Available to buy direct from Earbook Recordings for $8 plus shipping. Please email: iamthemould (at) hotmail (dot) com for shipping prices.

KPPB is also available for download from


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